Paul Penning (M.Eng. UP)
Project Engineer
Dutch and South African National.
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An experienced project engineer and master of engineering with a diverse skill set.

Areas of Expertise
  • Project Management.
  • Maintenance Management.
  • Administration System Development.
  • Product Research, Design and Development.
  • Software Design and Development.
  • Data Acquisition.
  • Automotive Aerodynamics.
  • Automotive Restraints & Body Structures.
Key Skills
  • Holistic system management, optimisation and design by effectively integrating and aligning sub-components to increase return without complex upgrades or replacements requiring additional resources.
  • Incorporating production constraints at project development definition phase.
  • Creation, execution and control of regular resource, management and technical reviews to ensure compliance with internal and external objectives.
  • Leadership through strategic proactive excellence.
  • Paradigm Shift approach to problem solving.
Employment History
Present – 2020 : Project Engineer.
P3Projects, Pretoria, South Afirca.
  • HomeBase.
    • Investment technical development, analysis and forecasting.
  • Law Firm. Erfurt, Germany.
    • Re-evaluation and optimisation of administrative practices.
  • Horne Conveyance Safety, Canada: Remote.
    • Supplier quotation and purchase process automation with Microsoft 365.
2019 – 2003 : Owner, Managing Director, Project Manager, Principal Software Developer.
P3Projects, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Management.
    • P3Projects as company.
    • Hydraulic mine conveyance-equipment company. Johannesburg, South Africa.
      • Staff working practice and process definition, re-organisation and optimisation.
      • Development and implementation of technical standards.
      • Product development. Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
  • OEM Software Management and Development.
    • Tour operator operating system.
      • Itinerary planning, construction and procurement. Quoting, invoicing, purchasing, detailed documentation, supplier booking requests, financial accounting integration, profitability analysis and management control.
    • Task management system
      • Task and timing management, creation, deployment, control and feedback.
  • Software Development.
    • Automotive stock branch allocation for a nationwide distribution system.
    • Creditor, debtor, stock and raw material control system for a clothing manufacturer.
    • Stock allocation and control system for a civil roofing contractor.
    • Data upload automation for accounting systems.
  • Website Development.
    • Management, layout, structuring and construction.
    • Technical application development.
    • On-line visibility.
2003 - 1997 : Principal Engineer, Product Engineer, Design Engineer, Aerodynamicist.
DAEWOO Automotive, Worthing Technical Centre, England, United Kingdom.
  • Principal Engineer.
    • Development and control of drawing office working practices.
    • Flat file architectural design and implementation including user training for design-in-content and digital mock-up capabilities.
    • Development and implementation of a Bill-of-Materials management system.
    • Managing the development of restraint and steering wheel systems.
    • Cost tracking of body panels. Crewe, North England.
  • Product Engineer.
    • Creation and management of a team to modernise and align engineering drawings with manufacturing processes and procedures. Leamington Spa, Midlands, England.
  • Design Engineer.
    • Door trim design. Wolfsburg, Germany.
    • Detail structural design.
  • Aerodynamicist.
    • Rolling and static road wind tunnel test management and execution.
1997 - 1995 : Junior Aerodynamicist, Software Developer.
Fouché Aero Design, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Wind Tunnel Testing.
    • Race cars.
      • CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa.
      • Jordan Grand Prix, Silverstone, England.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations.
    • Race cars.
  • Software Development.
1995 : Project Engineer.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • To determine the influence of indirect maintenance costs on the replacement strategy for the 2000 ground-based vehicle fleet.
1995 - 1991 : Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Engineer in Training.
Iron and Steel Industrial Corporation Ltd., South Africa.
  • Mill Safety Officer under the South African Health and Safety Act and ISO9002.
  • Management of 8 foremen, 10 planners and a workforce of 200 to achieve maintenance objectives of the 2000 ton per hour hot-rolled steel mill operating continuously on a 3 shift basis.
    • Breakdown, frequency, reactive and pro-active maintenance.
    • Weekly 2 shift maintenance shutdown.
    • Annual 6-week plant-wide maintenance shutdown.
Education and Training
Masters Degree : M. Eng. University of Pretoria, South Africa.
1999 Experimental and Computational Investigation into Race Car Aerodynamics.
Honours Degree : B. Hons. Eng. University of Pretoria, South Africa.
1993 Computer Aided Analysis of Mechanical Systems, Design, Laser Materials Processing, Numerical Methods, Aircraft Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design, Vehicle Aerodynamics, Vehicle Propulsion.
Bachelors Degree : B. Eng. Mechanical. University of Pretoria, South Africa.
1990 Standard curriculum.
Final year design project: Exterior design of a 25-seater, 12th scale touring bus.
Other Courses : Software: CATIA, 4D Navigator, CDP.
2003 to 1991 : Various management courses including Maintenance Systems, Business Simulation, Juran Quality Improvement.
Publications and Presentations
1999 : Experimental and Numerical Investigation into Race Car Aerodynamics. Thesis.
1996 : Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Investigate the Air Flow Beneath a Formula One Racing Car. Presented at the annual South African Conference on Applied Mechanics.

Paul Penning (M.Eng. UP)

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