Design, develop, modify and streamline administration systems. Data manipulation and migration is administration.

P3Projects administration systems, projects and services specialise in creating administration systems.  Our experience in this field is based and derived from our expertise in creating and working with administration systems within the unique constraints often only found within a project environment in large and small companies alike.

Despite our ability to create software products from inception onwards, we appreciate that effective administration systems can exist successfully without the word “software”.  We have many processes internal to P3Projects that are paper and hand driven.  We refrain from electronic automation unless there is a need.

Resource affluent companies rely heavily on accurate and precise administration systems to ensure objectives such as total Product Quality Management (PQM) are achieved.  Without due care, adequate planning and control, the “administration” involved in administering such systems can, at times outweigh the benefits offered to companies and departments.  In smaller organisations, economies of scale can make such systems simply un-viable. I you agree with the last statement then you fall in out target market.

Regardless of resource restrictions, legislative and fiscal requirements, the ability to plan organise and control to achieve organisational goals remain. We can help you. Contact us

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