P3Projects Operational Principals


  • To create practical solutions to problems within the constraints set by our clients by applying our creativity, skills, knowledge and experience with dedication.
  • To group challenges so that unique projects may be defined.
  • To execute every project so that a process may be defined from where revenue can be generated on a long term and continuous basis.
  • To manage our processes and projects in a result orientated environment so that the long term success of P3Projects, its employees, suppliers and clients can be ensured.


  • A flexible and dynamic result and implementation driven company providing technical, system and managerial related solutions to its clients.


  • P3Projects will strive to operate in a mutually beneficial environment creating long-term “win-win” relationships with itself, its clients, customers, partners and employees.
  • To provide a quality service by acting with commitment, dedication, inspiration and professionalism.
  • To use our quality of work, the skill, dedication, commitment and flexibility as the basis for building long-term professional relationships.
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