P3Apps in Microsoft Excel

MS Excel Ribbon Tools



#P3PickDate - Click to load Calendar.
- Pick Date insert.

#P3PickFilter - Pick/Select Cell & Click to Filter.
- Click to clear Filters.

#P3MailRange - Select Range of Cells.
- Click to create e-mail.

#P3Protect - Active Book All Sheets.
- Active Sheet Only.
- Reset/Clear Password.

#P3DoWord - Combine Ms Word documents.
- Redo with unique repetition.
- Customise esthetics. Your standard.
- Consitently error free.
#P3ToolsWin - Click to load.

Fewer Errors = More Time
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Presenting supplier information and rates to your agents each year in a professional format is a time consuming and expensive exercise. Through the dBuilder the creation of agent rates manuals is inexpensive and as easy as 1, 2, 3. From your Supplier Database a few simple clicks will produce customized manuals in a professional and elegant printable format.

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