P3Apps in Microsoft Excel

MS Excel Ribbon Tools



#P3PickDate - Click to load Calendar.
- Pick Date insert.

#P3PickFilter - Pick/Select Cell & Click to Filter.
- Click to clear Filters.

#P3MailRange - Select Range of Cells.
- Click to create e-mail.

#P3Protect - Active Book All Sheets.
- Active Sheet Only.
- Reset/Clear Password.

#P3DoWord - Combine Ms Word documents.
- Redo with unique repetition.
- Customise esthetics. Your standard.
- Consitently error free.
#P3ToolsWin - Click to load.

Fewer Errors = More Time
Did you know?

Administration Software

Analysis and Reports

It is widely recognised that Excel is "the" data viewing and analysis tool to use. Most stand-alone software products merely offer an Export to Excel feature resulting in a nominal "data dump". Information must then be sorted and restructured before any analysis can begin. dBuilder data is already sorted and stored in the correct format. Our own analysis tools produce reports in graphical format for immediate interpretation giving you more time to evaluate and make informed managerial decisions.

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