P3Apps in Microsoft Excel

MS Excel Ribbon Tools



#P3PickDate - Click to load Calendar.
- Pick Date insert.

#P3PickFilter - Pick/Select Cell & Click to Filter.
- Click to clear Filters.

#P3MailRange - Select Range of Cells.
- Click to create e-mail.

#P3DoWord - Combine Ms Word documents.
- Redo with unique repetition.
- Customise esthetics. Your standard.
- Consistently error free.
#P3Protect - Active Book All Sheets.
- Active Sheet Only.
- Reset/Clear Password.

#P3ToolsWin Easy Access to Windows Tools.

Fewer Errors = More Time
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Administration Software

Multiple Departments

If you have multiple business divisions within your company, the dBuilder ERP Tourism software will accommodate each of these within one system installation.

This reduces both general office and Builder administration procedures resulting in consistently accurate working standards for all business departments.

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